An estimated 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men are sexually assaulted in college. We all have a role to play in stopping sexual assault. Take the pledge to be part of the solution.



#ItsOnUs to stop sexual assault. Take the pledge to be part of the solution.

If you or a friend is a victim of sexual assault, there are resources out there to get help. You can chat anonymously with trained professionals at RAINN, and find support services in your area.

Take care of yourself and each other, Tumblr.

White House Announces It’s On Us, A Campaign To End Sexual Assault


Watch: “It’s on us” urges the White House in powerful rape prevention video

If a man is preying on a woman who has had too much to drink, it is her responsibility to stop him and her fault if she can’t? No, it’s on us.

That is the message President Obama and Joe Biden are sending today with the launch of their new sexual assault prevention campaign “It’s On Us.”

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Everyone has a role to play in stopping sexual assault. Take the pledge with us. ItsOnUs.org #ItsOnUs 

Today, Generation Progress launched the It’s On Us campaign to change the culture around campus sexual assault. It’s on me, it’s on you, #ItsOnUs. Take the pledge today.

“For years, television pundits have been doing important work sounding the alarm about Obamacare,” The Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper told viewers last week. This was his opening line in a segment about the apparent “s#!tstorm” brought on by that dreaded evil, the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Lesbian Teacher Fired After Revealing Pregnancy To Her Employer(PC: “I Stand With Barb Webb” Facebook group)

Barb Webb, who has been with her partner Kristin Lasecki for five years and worked at the high school for nine, taught honors chemistry and coached sports teams.

On September 7, protestors stood around the all-girls high school in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. carrying signs that said, “Stand with Barb Webb.”

In May of 2013, a lobster boat named Henry David T. went into the waters off Somerset, Massachusetts. The boat’s two-man crew, Ken Ward and Jay O’Hara, had one goal in mind: blockading a coal delivery in the name of action on climate change.

The brief demonstration and the minor incident it caused led to a year’s worth of legal wrangling. But all of that ended earlier this month, when the man prosecuting them decided the protesters were in the right and stopped them from going to jail for their actions.The activists argued that their act of civil disobedience was justified to address the threat that continued carbon emissions pose to the planet.


Throwback to when we saddled millions of students with these high interest rates on student loans…wouldn’t it be nice to be able to refinance at today’s low rate of 3.86%?